The Strange Angels Blues Band website includes a custom-designed streaming music player and several other features hosted by remote Web services: a calendar and a blog hosted by Google, and an email service hosted by

  The Lonestar Retrobates’ website features a graphic of cascading instruments and a custom-designed streaming music player. The site includes an especially good looking YouTube page and a very informative page about the band.

  A website for Mayne Smith, a long-time favorite Bay Area bluegrass musician and song writer. The “Redwood Canyon Ramblers” page includes a streaming music player. The “Pieces of our Minds” page presents a series of writers’ articles in separate scrolling windows.

  The Swinging Doors is a traditional country honky-tonk band made up of Mayne Smith, Steve Baker, Ray Bierl, John Hanes, and Markie Sanders. The music player offers the options of both listening to and downloading five songs.

  Jim Passard’s website for his band, The Lost Cats. The site includes the band’s show dates, photographs and a sliding email signup banner. Cat graphics and animations were painted by Maude Church. Click the “listen” page to hear streaming music and see a video of the band.

  A website for Lost Weekend Western Swing Band. The site includes the band’s tour dates, a collection of embedded YouTube videos, streaming audio, photographs, historical material about the band, and a collection of more than a hundred graphical links to other bands and music venues.

  A website for The Bolos, Don Burnham's folk, country, and western swing trio.

  Don Burnham’s website for his independent projects. The site includes an embedded YouTube video of his latest studio recording.


My personal website presenting my work as a photographic artist. Navigation is by drop-down menus on the home page. The projects are presented variously, each appearing as I thought best for that particular set of photographs.

  A website for artist/photographer Naomi Weissman’s photographs of fruit, flowers, fish, skin and interior spaces. Designed by Maude Church and coded by Victor Landweber to match Ms. Church’s layouts.

  A website for artist/photographer Doug Muir’s photographs made in and around Marfa, Texas.

  A website for artist/photographer Richard Gordon’s diverse projects.

A web site for Winnie Lee Star, writer and poet. The site includes her poems, short stories and photographs of Ms. Star. An on-line music player streams solo guitar pieces by Jeff Rosedale.

  A web site for David Lemberger, certified public accountant.

  A sample web site commissioned by ePit, inc., a financial services company offering an advanced model for on-line trading.

  A web site commissioned by Actius, inc. for their subsidiary, Acti, a tech startup.